Adriatic Arena Pesaro

Basketball, concerts, events, conventions and much more at the Adriatic Arena, Pesaro’s Sports Centre

Sports enthusiasts probably know all about it through the achievement by “Vuelle Basket Pesaro” team, yet the Adriatic Arena, just a 10 minute drive from our hotel, holds much more.

It is an imposing Sports Centre for an audience up to twelve thousand.

The arena is not only the exciting setting for the chants supporting the local  basket and volleyball teams, it is also the perfect venue for the regular staging of great shows and  concerts starring, for example, Laura Pausini, Mark Knopfler, Elton John, Renato Zero, the Muse and loads of other artists!

And that is not all; the Adriatic Arena is also a favourite destination for leading business appointments in Pesaro and has hosted several Tecnocasa and Mediolanum conventions.

Hotel Savoy is really convenient and functional for attending the events held at Pesaro’s Adriatic Arena as it also provides top quality amenities like indoor garage, Internet Wi Fi connection, shuttle service calling near the hotel and swimming pool – a brilliant option for enjoyable post-congress activities.

Follow this  itinerary  and discover how easy it is to reach the Adriatic Arena from 4 star Hotel Savoy!