Pesaro Studi Association

Top education and a selection of courses organized by Carlo Bo University – Urbino, by the Marches Polytechnic University and by Pesaro Studi Association

The aim of recently established (1997) Pesaro Studi Association is that of coordinating university studies with the requirements and dynamics of the Marches and of Pesaro’s area, thus promoting the full integration of graduates within the production process while enhancing the quality of the latter.

The seaside university

A location up to the valuable and forward-looking mission of Pesaro Studi Association, hosting courses and amenities.

Yes, because since 2000 Pesaro University has been located right in Villa Marina on the beach, more precisely in viale Trieste 296. The small complex covers around 3000 square metres in total, featuring   14 classrooms, an e-learning room, two CAD rooms, a language lab, a video lab, library, teachers’ room and administrative offices. All by the sea!

Pesaro Studi Association is home to the branches of Ancona’s Polytechnic University of the Marches and of Urbino University.

Degree courses

  • Advertising communication
  • Organizational communication and advertising
  • Foreign languages and cultures (oriental culture curriculum)
  • Production engineering and management
  • Nursing sciences

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