Rossini Theatre

Named after the great Maestro, Pesaro’s Rossini Theatre stands for history and elegance

The Rossini Theatre, one of Pesaro’s landmarks and a cornerstone of culture, was set up back in the seventeenth century. Its name is a tribute to one of Pesaro‘s most eminent figures, Maestro Gioachino Rossini, the eclectic and most loved composer.

What is today known as the Rossini Theatre was built back in 1637 and originally named Teatro del Sole (the Sun Theatre). In 1818 it became the Teatro Nuovo (New Theatre – following extensive restoration works) and staged “The thieving magpie” conducted by young, precocious and talented Rossini.

Given the artist’s indisputable international popularity, it has been Pesaro’s Rossini Theatre since 1855 and has undergone further structural works, also needed for complying with the latest safety standards.

Emotion wise, it is a stunning theatre, a gem built in the town’s heart and the setting for leading events, from, of course, the Rossini Opera Festival concert programme to the Drama Season, the Concert Season and the National Drama Festival.

If you come and visit Pesaro do not miss out the opportunity to attend the events at the Rossini Theatre, as it is within walking distance from our Hotel Savoy.


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